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Desna Hygiene Rolls

Blue 10 inch Hygiene Rolls


Desna Hygiene Rolls

Blue 20 inch Hygiene Rolls


Desna Hygiene Rolls

White 10 inch Hygiene Rolls


Desna Hygiene Rolls

White 20 inch Hygiene Rolls


Desna Hygiene Rolls, also known as Couch Rolls. Used mostly in the GP, Hospitals, Healthcare and Beauty Industry. A mulit-use disposable paper product.

Couch Rolls & Desna Hygiene Rolls

We have White or Blue options to choose from. Our 20″ white option is our most popular as they are glue embossed and perfect for laying over patient beds. Each roll is perforated so you only use what you need. Once you are finished with a patient you can dispose of the used tissue and replace for the next.

FAQs about Hygiene Rolls

What is the difference between a Hygiene Roll and a Couch Roll?

For as long as I can remember, buyers and sellers have referred to both as the same product. A 20-inch Couch Roll is usually used to cover a washable, plastic type bed when a patient is being examined. The beds you usually see in a doctor’s surgery or a physio clinic. Sheets of tissue are laid down for a patient to lay on to prevent the spread of germs. Couch rolls are not used for covering the type of beds we sleep in. Each roll is hygienically wrapped to enhance hygiene.

The 10-inch Hygiene Roll is commonly used in the beauty industry. Nail Salons, Hair Salons are a popular user of this product as you can tear single sheets from a perforated roll. Like a Kitchen roll used at home, but our hygiene wiping roll has 40m per roll, much more than a 10m kitchen roll.

Can Hygiene Rolls be used more than once?

No, we don’t recommend using hygiene rolls more than once. The reason is because if they are used in a GP surgery, germs may be lingering.

Do I have to use Hygiene or Couch Rolls for Healthcare?

As our hygiene rolls are made from standard disposable wiping roll material, you can use the rolls for any wiping tasks you may have. These products are often seen in garage forecourts for general wiping of oils etc.