Desna SURFEX Hard Surface Disinfection IPA Wipes

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Desna SURFEX Hard Surface Disinfection IPA Wipes

70% Alcohol Surface Wipes in tubs of 200

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Desna SURFEX Hard Surface Disinfection IPA Wipes

Desna Surfex Hard Surface Disinfection IPA Wipes are industrial grade disposable cleaning cloths impregnated with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol. The strong and durable wipes are the industries leading product for precision cleaning and degreasing of surfaces and components.

Surfex have superb antibacterial cleaning properties, killing bacteria in less than one minute, making them ideal for multi-surfaces sanitisation. Combine this with the fast evaporating, non-smearing liquid formulation and it’s easy to see why Surfex becomes an essential product to have at hand in so many working environments.

Where can Surfex be used?

Desna Surfex wipes can be used in a whole host of applications as a precision cleaning product in the Healthcare Sector, hospitals, dental surgeries and veterinary environments as an anti-bacterial agent and in food processing plants and clean rooms to achieve maximum levels of cleanliness.

Surfex is completely miscible with water and can be combined with other solutions to manufacture products with unique properties. These blends produce fantastic results and make Surfex even more versatile. These Surfex ‘hybrids’ are excellent for use in sports and leisure facilities; hair and beauty salons; cafés, bars and restaurants and busy workplace offices.

So, whenever and wherever you need to achieve optimum levels of hygiene with minimal effort and mess, Surfex is the right choice for you.

Recommended industries for use with our our IPA Wet wipes would be: Healthcare – Hospitals & Doctors | Veterinarians | Dentists | Food Processing | Electronics | Industry | Laboratory | Child Care | Restaurants | Sports & Leisure | Office | Hair & Beauty.

What is the science behind Surfex?

Anti-bacterial Agent

When 70% Isopropyl Alcohol, or propan-2-ol, comes in to contact with bacteria the 30% water content helps the alcohol permeate through the bacteria’s structure. The alcohol then causes the proteins of the bacteria to denature and coagulate, or more simply, lose their structure. This loss of structure is what causes the bacteria to die.

Where to buy Desna Surfex Wipes

Now available form

Additional information

Wipe Size

200 x 200mm

Pallet Qty

400 Tubs per pallet

Boxes Per Pallet

40 (x10)

Material Type

23gsm White Polyviscose

Wipes per Tub


Wipe Quantity

200 wipes per Tub