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Centrefeed rolls are Wiping rolls and are one of the most popular Disposable Paper Products in the UK away from home catering and disposable tissue market. It is estimated that  Centrefeed tissue alone is valued at an estimated 200 million in the UK market. 2ply Blue Roll tissue being the most popular for The Catering Industry. White & Blue options are readily available from Desna Professional Paper Products. Blue or White Roll Centrefeed are availble in 1, 2 or 3ply options in a variety of lengths. Centrefeed Rolls are designed and manufactured using a range of tissue strengths from 17gsm to 21gsm. High strength 21gsm tissue is not as popular as it once was due to the recent rise in Tissue pulp prices. 17-18 gsm tissue are the UKs favourite options offering a competitive price to manufacturers and wholesale resellers.

The purpose of Centrefeed Rolls are to wipe up surfaces from debris, spills or simply to dust. Blue Tissue is a catering essential and is required for kitchen areas. The blue roll can be used with any surface sprays in kitchen environments including sanitisers and degreasers. For use with heavy chemicals we would recommend white tissue due to blue dye running from blue tissue. Often you may find centrefeed rolls being used as a hand drying towel but this can be a costly system as when tissue is dispensed from a roll centre you will find the sheets are not open fully and are spiralled. You can of course unravel the tissue to become open sheets.