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Wholesale Toilet Rolls in Bulk

Wholesale Toilet Rolls in Bulk are a must for distributors. All our Standard Toilet Rolls are suitable for both standard household use and Commercial use.

Our Desna Toilet Rolls range consists of 4 options.

Desna Lillie 2ply White 200 sheets per roll with 40 rolls per case, Desna Rose 3ply White 160 sheets per roll with 40 rolls per case, Desna Eco Professional 2ply White made form 100% recycled grade tissue with 36 rolls per case and Desna 200 Sheet twin Pack Toilet Rolls 18x2pk, recycled. Soft and Strong Tissue Paper

All our tissue is sourced form leading Tissue Suppliers across the globe & with the support of our suppliers we are able to offer super savings and great deals on all out Toilet Rolls.

Dispenser Toilet Rolls

Further to our standard wholesale toilet rolls we offer lockable dispensing options. Mini Jumbo Toilet Rolls are suitable for most standard dispensers you will find in the UK.

With several specifications available in our Desna brand. If you have a washroom with a busy footfall then our dispenser options will be perfect as they offer more tissue per roll.

Our Standard Mini Jumbo is 150 metres in length compared to our 320 sheet rolls which are 36.5 metres long.

One benefit to dispenser toilet rolls are that they save time on maintenence so rolls are not replaced as often as a conventional roll. For a larger roll toption why not try our Desna Jumbo Rolls which have a 300 or 400 metre option.

If you already have a dispenser fitted and are not sure what you need then we’re here to help so please get in touch and we can advise what’s best for you!

Eco Friendly Toilet Rolls

With the environment in mind for our whole range of tissue products our Desna Eco 320 sheet 100% recycled products ticks all the boxes, even our outer packaging is recyclable! With an extra long roll that offers 320 sheets you save time on purchasing so you dont have to visit your loorolls shop as often which also helps with transport costs, you have 36 rolls per case so all in all you have an unbeleivable 11520 sheets per case.

Ask for a brochure of our Wholesale Toilet Rolls

If you can’t see what your looking for please get in touch and we’ll point you in the right direction. We also have a range of Dispensers availabe upon request including Stainless Steel or ABS Plastic.