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Paper Hand Towels

Paper Hand Towels are a must have product with every distributor. We stock pretty much every paper hand towel to suit every dispenser in the marketplace, we’re sure to have a towel to suit your needs. Whether it be a basic C Fold green or blue paper towel or a top of the range 2ply white paper towels, we have stocks available on all different folds, V Fold, Z Fold.

C Fold Paper Hand Towels

For some reason we still sell more pallets of C Fold Green, Blue & White than any other paper towel! For us here at Desna Products it’s pretty obvious that C Fold towels are the most well known and quite old fashioned towel around but we have a solution in our interleaved towel range that will offer great savings to your customers.

Interleaved Paper Towels

Interleaved or Inter Folded paper towels (also called V Fold paper towels) offer a much large drying area for each user as once dispensed the towel is opened fulley, not like C fold which is a folded towel, even when dispensed.

The majority of us dont seem to have the time to open a folded paper towel for some reason. Maybe we just dont like waiting around in stinky toilets or we’re just always in a rush? Just take a look in the toilet bin & you’ll see the wasted, un-opened towels that have been missused!

Interleaved paper towels are such an easy towel to use as once 1 towel is dispensed then the next towel is ready & waiting. we have 2 options of interleaved towels, Z Fold, shaped like a Z from a side view & Inter fold with 1 fold through the middle of the towel. Both are a great money saving hand towel.

Hand Towel Distributors

A note to all out distributors. When supplying your customers always try to offer end users an interleaved towel to help save time & money. They’ll thank you for it at the end of the year when they see how much they have saved on hand towel drys!
We have all options covered in 1 & 2ply towels & also in colours as we have green, blue & white in all ranges.