Mini Jumbo

Mini Jumbo Toilet Rolls are one of the most popular dispenser toilet roll systems seen across UK and Europe. With options of a single roll per dispenser to a dual roll option with a double mini jumbo dispenser. Standard single roll dispensers are the most popular with many design options. Our preferred option has a tear drop design, manufactured by Brightwell Dispenser systems. Our Mini Jumbo options include 150m lengths or 200 metre and are both 2ply. They are made from high quality recycled tissue and packaged in a tight shrink film. Labelled with our Desna Professional Products branding. Used in many areas of business in washrooms including Schools, Bars, Restaurants, Service Stations, Sports Centres or pretty much anywhere you have a toilet cubicle. Each dispenser for mini jumbo’s has its own key for security and when locked your Toilet roll is kept hygienically clean. We also offer 200 metre options for users who prefer more tissue per roll as this assists with less maintenance time when its time to refill your dispensers.

Mini Jumbo Stub Roll can be an issue with this product as when the roll is nearly out you have to make a decision what to do with the tissue left. Resting on the back of the toilet is an option but can cause the roll to fall onto the bathroom floor. To combat this we offer the twin dispenser option or even a stub roll option inside a dispenser that allows you to be able to add the unfinished roll inside the dispenser while you can also add a full roll. The best option in our opinion would always be the Dual Roll version.